Management Policy

Brintons Portugal, owned by a worldwide leading group of carpet manufacturing, directs its activity towards the satisfaction of its customers, taking into account the need for sustainable development, so its Management Policy is based on the following principles:

· Compliance with legal or other requirements the organization subscribes

· Total commitment to the continuous increase in environmental performance and quality, service and value to our customers

· Employee’s development, promoting their participation in the Integrated Management System

· Combination of our technology with process innovation to increase productivity, flexibility, reduce manufacturing time and minimizing its environmental impacts from a standpoint of pollution prevention

· Active communication with all our stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, officials and society)

· Communicate with all stakeholders (customers, the parent company, shareholders, employees, suppliers, officials and society)

· Interact with the community where it operates in order to contribute to their progress and encourage or enhance practices and activities that promote social welfare

· Effective cost control, ensuring resources optimization and maximizing options for reuse and recycling

· Provide all employees suitable Health and Safety working conditions

· Ensure a favorable organizational environment for the business

· Monitor and continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems

Source - Management Policy October 21, 2016