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Brintons – Indústria de Alcatifas Lda., is located in Rebordinho, Campia, Vouzela county, district in Viseu. The company was incorporated in January 1990 and started its activities in September 1991. Brintons Portugal is a subsidiary of Brintons Limited Group, which is engaged in the manufacturing of carpets / rugs for facilities and prestigious venues such as international hotel chains, ships, casinos, airports, shopping centers, cinemas, amongst others. The Brintons Limited was born in 1783 in Kidderminster, England, Mother House today and the Group headquarters.

Limited was founded in 1783 in Kidderminster, England, today still motherhouse and Group headquarters. The more than 230 years of existence of Brintons brand show unequivocally the authentic enthusiasm and legitimate pride in what we do for generations.

From palaces to hotels, restaurants to public buildings, conference centers to airports, over all these years, Brintons carpets have contributed to conceive the most wonderful indoors in the world.

We remain true to our values, offering our customers unique experiences by designing and delivering exceptional products, with a fantastic service.

People who understand the importance of enduring value choose Brintons. Join us, take a trip through our history and learn about our products and services.

Deposit your confidence in us, Brintons will provide you with all warranty the solution you need.

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